R.U.Hacking? is back with our annual 24-hour hackathon, open to all the students and recent graduates of all abilities and interests! About this event About R. U. Hacking?

R. U. Hacking? (Reading University Hacking) proudly present our third annual 24-hour Student Hackathon at the University of Reading, welcoming students from all over the UK and EU!

Whether you're completely new to programming or are a seasoned hackathon veteran, you are welcome to join us in this fun and collaborative invention marathon! There are lots of prizes to be won so come along and get involved - beginners welcome!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


A hackathon is a programming marathon, where teams of 2-4 put their ideas together to create something exciting in only 24 hours. It gives teams of hackers a chance to turn their ideas into reality and present them.

There will be a number of prizes for using specific technologies as well as the overall best project. There will be additional prize pools available exclusively to first-timers!

An increasing amount of projects coming out of Hackathons get turned into startup businesses, and we welcome students from any discipline to have their go at hacking!


Yes. We welcome attendees from all disciplines as we strongly believe Hackathon projects require skills beyond just technical - benefiting from skills such as design, entrepreneurship and overall creativity.


Due to the ongoing pandemic, we will of course be hosting our event online. Just bring you and your laptop :) Further details ensue upon sign-up!

Saturday 26th June — Day 1
09:00am Doors open, sponsor setup
09:30am Check-in begins, networking
10:00am Opening Ceremony
11:15am Zebra Technologies Workshop
12:00pm SEROCU Talk
12:30pm Bayer LifeHub UK Workshop
13:15pm BCS Q+A
13:45pm Savva’s ASCII Challenge
14:00pm Lunch Break
14:30pm Cirrus Response Workshop
15:30pm Postman API Workshop
16:30pm Citrix Workshop
17:00pm BlackRock Challenge
18:00pm Computer Science Department Talk
19:00pm Pictionary - Hackathons UK
20:00pm MLH Werewolf
23:00pm Quiz
OVERNIGHT Chess Tournament


Sunday 27th June — Day 2
9:00am Soft Deadline
10:00am Hard deadline -> Legitimacy checks
11:00am Judging
1:00pm Closing Ceremony & Prize Giving
2:00pm Presentations




If you'd like to find out more about the event, get in touch with us at readingunihack@gmail.com!


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Instagram: @r.u.hacking

Twitter: @ReadingUniHack

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Linktree: @r.u.hacking


Fill out the check-in form: https://tinyurl.com/4zcc3wzf

YOU MUST SUBMIT A PUBLIC GITHUB REPO AND VIDEO - or access to a video, this could be a youtube link

Hackathon Sponsors


£2,960 in prizes

[R. U. Hacking?] 1st Place Prize

Win a Ryze Tello Drone! Every team is automatically entered into this challenge.

[R. U. Hacking?] 2nd Place Prize

Win a Raspberry Pi 400 Personal Computer Kit! Every team is automatically entered into this challenge.

[R. U. Hacking?] 3rd Place Prize!

Win a Google Nest Mini! Every team is automatically entered into this challenge.

[Citrix] Prize

Create a solution to one or more challenges faced by organisations or employees that will have a positive impact on employee experience. You can win a Rocketbook Everlast smart reusable notebook and some awesome Citrix swag (bag, water bottle, T-shirt)!

More information: https://hackuk.org/ruh-challenges

[Bayer LifeHub UK] Prize

Design an online solution for organisations to calculate their environmental footprint. Use AI to enable organisations to access existing online resources!

Win mentoring and work experience with Bayer LifeHub UK!

More information: https://hackuk.org/ruh-challenges

[Zebra] Prize

How can we overcome the key functional, technical, commercial etc. challenges presented by vaccination certification, to roll out a system that can operate within and across borders?

What are the key ethical, moral and technical challenges with vaccination certification? Address each challenge with your solution.

Prizes include a swag bag full of Zebra items, such as a portable charger, Zebra-branded wireless headphones, 8-in-1 multitool, and more!!

More information: https://hackuk.org/ruh-challenges

[20i] Prize

Create a hack to turn something boring into something fun! Win 1 year of free reseller hosting, 100 GBP in 20i account credit and no limit to the number of hosted sites, for each team member!

More information: https://hackuk.org/ruh-challenges

[BCS] Sustainability

[BCS will award one prize overall at R. U. Hacking?]

Technology can play a big part in the sustainability of our planet. Through encouraging people to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle and adopting greener ways of working, technology can have a positive influence on the environment. How can we use technology in innovative ways to encourage people to live more sustainably? How could technology be designed to be more environmentally friendly?

[BCS] Education

[BCS will award one prize overall at R. U. Hacking?]

Many young people have been learning from home and relying on technology. Many people are looking to re-train and re-skill and are using online learning to do this. Many others have been forced into living life more digitally and have had to learn a whole set of new skills. How can technology support learning inside or outside the classroom?

[BCS] Health and Care

[BCS will award one prize overall at R. U. Hacking?]

How can technology be used to improve healthcare? We know our health services are under strain – is there something you could design which supports individuals to monitor their health, improve their lifestyle, or do you have an idea of how technology can support healthcare professionals?

[BCS] Technology for Seniors

[BCS will award one prize overall at R. U. Hacking?]

Technology can bring positive change to the lives of seniors in our communities, for example by supporting personal safety, combating isolation, or supporting with elements daily life. How do you think technology could improve the lives of seniors in our communities?

[BCS] Shape the Future

[BCS will award one prize overall at R. U. Hacking?]

This is a broader category encompassing any ideas for an innovative technology solution which helps society thrive.

[Cirrus Response] Prize

Being part of 'Clearing' when applying to universities. Can be incredibly stressful! See if you can streamline the Clearning process to make it easier for both students and universities. Winners can take part in an internship at Cirrus Response!

More information: https://hackuk.org/ruh-challenges

[Hackathons UK] Hackiest Hack

Build something that’s over-the-top, over-engineered, and held together with metaphorical Sellotape and API-flavoured bits of string… use your imagination!

[MLH] Best Domain Registered with Domain.com

Register a .Tech domain name using Domain.com during the weekend. Each team may submit one entry per person on the team. Each winning team member will receive a PowerSquare Qi Wireless Phone Charger.

[MLH] Best Hardware Hack Sponsored by Digi-Key

Using your preferred hardware or hardware emulator, build a hack for your chance to win a Grove Beginner Kit, with embedded Arduino Uno compatible board and 10 pre-wired modules. We select two winning teams for this category and each winning team member will receive a prize!

[MLH] Best Machine Learning Hack Using Jina

Jina is an open source neural search framework that makes building AI-powered applications even easier for hackers. You can build chatbots, predictive text, facial & voice recognition and so much more! Jina's neural search network allows you to work with datasets containing sound files, images and even videos. Hack with Jina today for a chance to win Arduino Tiny Machine Learning Kits for you and your team!

[MLH] Best use of Google Cloud

Build your hackathon project with a suite of secure storage, powerful compute, and integrated data analytics products provided by Google Cloud. See full list of products here: g.co/cloud. Winners located in the US will receive a Google Cloud Swag Bag complete with a beanie, pillow, journal, socks & lanyards. Winners outside of the US will receive a Google branded backpack.

Savva's ASCII Challenge (4)

1 x £100 Gift card,
1 x £60 Gift card,
1 x £20 Gift card,
1 x £40 Gift card


Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Zebra Technologies

Zebra Technologies

Bayer LifeHub UK

Bayer LifeHub UK



British Computer Society (BCS)

British Computer Society (BCS)





Major League Hacking

Major League Hacking

Judging Criteria

  • (Criteria TBC)

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